Arwan Ahimsa

Mr. Arwan Ahimsa is a seasoned senior executive with 30 years of experience in corporate leadership and industrial management, crises and turn around management, project development, structured finance, equity and debt raise, corporate and debt restructuring, reorganization.

He has been involved in M&A and fund-raising activities during his career and conducted debt restructuring with international as well as regional creditors and investors.

During his career, he worked in various high-level management functions within a broad industry spectrum including petrochemical, chemical, mineral mining, plantations, agro-industries, energy and renewable energy, transportation, irradiation overseeing, at some point, over 5,000 employees and workers.

Mr. Ahimsa has successfully navigated companies through major economic crises within various industry portfolios through the 1998 Asian crises, the 2008 global economic recession aiming to preserve value for the principal stakeholders.

He did his undergraduate program at Western Kentucky University, USA; holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Agriculture and Resource Economics from University of Hawaii, USA; and did his graduate program in Agriculture and Resource Economics at University of Hawaii, USA.