Every business will face some form of financial stress at some point in its lifecycle. How you are able to effectively manage these pressures will determine the success of your business.
At Mann and Associates,we understand your challenges, and let’s face those challenges together. Our team of highly qualified restructuring experts can help you constrain these pressures, working with your team to develop strategies that are adapted to meet your business objectives. Our team has a deep history in restructuring corporations in crisis. We’ve helped companies in Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, and many other parts of Asia and the Middle East.
Our team canhelp recover a business’s viability and reduce the severity of the financial fallout.

Helping your clients achieve financial success

Our history of working with banks, law firms, and accounting firms on restructuring and insolvency engagements across Asia allows us to help your clients accomplish their strategic business objectives.

Voluntary Administration

Mann and Associates has extensive experience in formal voluntary administration appointments across many industries in Asia. Voluntary administration offers breathing space to insolvent or financially distressed organizations, so they can reorganize their financial affairs and potentially save their business.


This is a formal process whereby a receiver is appointed with a charge over assets in corporate or personal ownership.The receiver’s duty is to take possession of the assets which are subject to the charge and realize the value in these assets for the benefit of the charge holder.In addition to our experienced corporate recovery team we also work with our own in-house tax and corporate finance experts and a range of external professionals to achieve the best possible outcome for the charge holder.

Turnaround Management

It’s not hard to tell when your business is struggling, but finding the right turnaround process to help you navigate your way forward can be challenging. Mann and Associates advises financially distressed businesses to help them avoid terminal insolvency. We also assist non-distressed businesses to implement change management strategies and ensure their continuing financial health.

More than financial engineering

We can help you develop the right operational turnaround strategy to avoid serious financial restructuring, including back-to-basics business fundamentals, development of standard and repeatable operating procedures, and an achievable vision for future growth. We work not just with your finance department, but with your supply chain, operations, sales, and management teams to execute on the turnaround plan.

Specialized skills to manage challenging tasks

Operating in a distressed environment, where there is often a shortage of time, finances and human capital, requires a different mindset than running a stable business. Our team has been through these challenges many times, helping our clients navigate the path to recovery. We understand the stress these situations put on not just the business, but its people.

Execute the plan

We build a plan with an understanding of what is required to execute and help you objectively assess your organization’s current capabilities. Our strong project and program management mindset helps identify the sequence of tasks required to achieve your objectives. Our multi-disciplinary approach will help build new skills, enhance team accountability and effectiveness and can even identify (and bridge) talent gaps


When the company directors realise the company does not have a reasonable prospect of survival, they are obliged to cease trading in a timely manner and, to protect all creditors including employees and shareholders, appoint a liquidator.
Once appointed, the Liquidator is responsible for securing and selling all the company’s assets, distributing the funds to the creditors and dealing with the company’s employees. If you are faced with insolvency, either as a director, shareholder or as a creditor, our insolvency services team can provide practical guidance and support, advising you of your rights, duties and responsibilities and the correct procedures and course of action you need to take. Our team is experienced in each step of the liquidation process and have a long track record, acting as both company and creditor-nominated liquidators, ensuring successful outcomes from companies of all sizes and from all sectors. Our insolvency team offer a range of liquidation services in behalf of directors, shareholders or creditors:

At Mann and Associates, we have wide-ranging expertise with businesses that are, or may become, insolvent and need to be wound down in an orderly manner. This can involve all or just part of the business that has not been performing.
We listen to all stakeholders to understand their objectives and implement a strategy that maximises their returns. In this way, we protect stakeholders’ interests. Our experiencedmergers & acquisitions team will:


Trustee in Bankruptcy and Nominee/Supervisor Service

Mann and Associates has acted for numerous entities as receiver and manager of distressed businesses. As receiver, we take control of a specific asset or entire business that is subject to securityand take steps to realize the value for the best possible.

Members Voluntary Liquidation

Where a dormant company has completed its purpose and is solvent, a Members Voluntary Liquidation is a process used to wind up the company. Mann and Associate can act as a liquidator, providing financial and tax advice for the maximum return to the shareholders.

Creditors Voluntary Liquidation

A Creditors’ Voluntary Liquidation is the liquidation of a company that cannot pay its debts as they fall due. The process is initiated by the directors of a company where the company’s liabilities exceed its assets and is insolvent. Mann and Associates may be appointed as creditors’ voluntary liquidator when an insolvent company’s directors and shareholders resolve to liquidate the company, or when creditors vote for liquidation following a voluntary administration or terminated deed of company arrangement.
Our insolvency team offer a range of liquidation services on behalf of directors, shareholders or creditors:

Court Liquidation

A court liquidation is a formal winding up of a company which involves the liquidator being appointed by the courts. The petition to wind up a company through the courts can be taken by a creditor of the company in response to the non-payment of a debt. Alternatively the petition can be made by the company itself, with a view to preserving the assets of the company or saving the underlying business and jobs. Mann and Associates is regularly appointed by courts that determine a business is insolvent and that liquidation is the best means to repay claimants.

Audit Assurance and Accounting

External Audit

We know your financial information is paramount in gaining trust in the global business world, we work fast and efficiently to meet all of your deadlines.We have a proven track record as a leading audit and assurance firm, working with clients for decades supporting and growing their business. We work in a collaborative way, tailoring our service to suit the varied needs of the clients we work with. Our clients range from owner-managed businesses to large multinationals and from private firms to public bodies and organizations in various industries.

Internal Audit

At Mann and Associates, we view internal audit as one of the cornerstones of good corporate governance. Internal audit plays a pivotal role in helping management improve controls, processes, governance and risk management.
In today’s environment, organizations face greater scrutiny for stakeholders, both public and private, arising from the reporting and legislative requirements. Having a robust internal audit function in place provides a board, audit committee, regulators and other stakeholders, assurance that risks are being effectively identified and managed.
Our internal audit services include:

Forensic accounting

Mann and Associates’s forensic accounting practice provides multidisciplinary, independent investigative support services to clients facing arbitration, litigation and regulatory scrutiny. We offer purpose-built teams of professionals with accounting, commercial and legal expertise to address the most demanding situations for clients such as audit committees, businesses, corporations and government bodies. Our forensic services include investigative accounting and litigation support.

Investigative accounting

Mann and Associates’ investigative accounting team undertakes detailed investigations, reviews and analysis that enable our clients to mitigate risks, protect assets, comply with regulations, make informed decisions and maximize opportunities.

Litigation support

We help clients to develop strategies and decide whether to pursue litigation or negotiate a settlement. We strive to uncover the issues and provide an independent review of facts. We also help our clients with complex litigation involving financial mismanagement, asset misappropriation, liability analysis and business valuations.

Fraud Investigations

An ever present business risk, fraud and criminality can have devastating effects on an organization. Such fraudulent activity can occur at any time, in any business, in any sector. With our experienced team in Singapore and through Asia, we can assemble an effective multi-disciplinary team to work in conjunction with you and your legal representatives. In choosing Mann and Associates you will benefit from our extensive experienceas well as our broad knowledge of the subject matter.

Digital and IT Forensics

We analyse IT security incidents and unusual activity in client’s network or email system. Following a proven procedure, we find out whether an attack occurred, how the client’s infrastructure was compromised, and where the attack originated. If the client has been compromised, we help to close the security holes in question, and advise on how to implement sustainable means of detection and defence against such attacks.

Business Valuation and Modelling

We have demonstrated expertise in strategy and business valuation. We consult with management on value-maximizing business strategy, investment opportunities, franchise networks and the value of individual franchises. We also provide expert opinions on intellectual property, economic and commercial damages, and related matters. Mann and Associates’valuations team specialises in independent business valuations which may be required for a variety of purposes. Our work includes reports needed to comply with accounting or regulatory standards and for tax, litigation, family or commercial purposes.

Business Modelling

Building an effective business model is a complex and difficult task and, as a result, it is no surprise that the majority of business models contain errors.
We offer both business model review and business model build services and can provide you with an experienced and dedicated team who can assist you to understand, verify and use your business model to optimize your outcomes.

Mergers and Acquisition Support

Transactional support that ensures maximum value from mergers & acquisitions

Successful M&A transactions require knowledge, expertise, and advance planning skills that many businesses don’t possess internally. Get the support you need from Mann and Associates.
Our experienced mergers & acquisitions team will:

Forward-looking solutions designed to deliver results

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to mergers & acquisitions, but we’ll help you get the results you want by advising you throughout the process, working directly with your business owners/managers; identifying and pre-qualifying counterparties; and managing the transaction to reduce delays and optimize value.

Experienced professionals to guide your transaction

Our team of professionals will help you define your desired outcomes and develop a plan to achieve them. We have a broad range of experience representing buyers in a variety of industries, as well as mid-market Asian companies looking to sell; regardless of your stage or sector, we can help.

Due Diligence

Mann and Associates provides a focused and flexible approach to due diligence based on the specific transaction needs of strategic buyers, private equity firms, and lenders.
We provide sell-side, buy-side and financing due diligence. We can help you analyse risks and opportunities in financials, operations, people and culture so you can make an informed decision regarding the proposed transaction. We can also investigate assets, capabilities, processes, and technologies.
Our due diligence process is tailored to your specific needs and generally includes the following elements.